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About Me

Hi there! I’m Katie, the founder of Birthcare. As well as being a Hypnobirthing instructor, I am also a practising midwife, an NCT antenatal practitioner, and a mother of  my two daughters Holly and Chloe. I have been supporting parents-to-be since 2010, and have a passion for promoting positive birth experiences. As a midwife, I have supported women birthing at home, in birth centres and delivery suites, most recently my career has led me to specialise in mental health where I support a vast amount of women with anxiety or fear of birth, or those whose previous birth experience has left them feeling scared to do it again. Hypnobirthing is always my first recommendation as I know it works and have seen the incredible results it can achieve for birthing people, their supporters and their baby.

I can help you to feel empowered in your own ability to give birth calmly, confidently and comfortably using logical and proven techniques. Hypnobirthing is perfect for anyone, regardless of the type birth you are planning, and I have seen over and over the amazing positive results it can achieve.